This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

Wow, I have made it to the last day of the blogging challenge – Woo hoo!

There were days when I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do it. I normally struggle to write and publish one blog every month so to write and publish 10 blogs in 10 days has been challenging.

The last challenge is to write about what I enjoyed most taking part in this challenge, my favourite challenge, my biggest takeaway and my next step.

I have enjoyed the writing process yet thinking about what to write and putting down my thoughts and feelings has been daunting. Some days were easier to complete than others.  I have also found it easier to write when you have a topic set for you, it reminded me of my English classes at school only better.

This challenge has inspired me to write more and become better at writing.

Some days have been easier than others

My favourite challenges have been Day 1 and Day 5.

On Day 1 of the challenge, I was able to take sometime to think about what is holding me back and focus on the solutions. Listening to Natalie in the video made me realise what is important to me and I am excited to move forward in my business.

I also enjoyed Day 5 of the challenge which was working on my daily success plan as well as creating daily habits and routines. I will be putting my plans into action as well as making sure I have breaks regularly throughout the day.

The biggest takeaway from this challenge for me has been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and sharing more of my thoughts. There has been no dramas or fall out from it and so I do think this challenge has been the start I need to focus on pushing myself to achieve more in my business.

This challenge has forced me to take a step back, question, think and take action.

The steps I will be putting in my place following this challenge are:

  • Write more
  • Take action to achieve the future I want
  • Celebrate success no matter how small
  • Change mindset
  • Take adventures
  • Have a better work-life balance
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway

What action will you take so you can celebrate freedom in your life and business?

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Celebrating Freedom
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