Use Trello to manage your newsletters

Use Trello to Manage your Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your audience but how can you keep track of all the content you have created in one place?

Trello is a handy tool to plan and manage the content of your newsletters. You can create a newsletter board with lists and cards to organise and plan your newsletters for the months ahead

Create a Newsletter Board

How you set up your board and lists is entirely up to you. You can move cards around, create new lists and archive cards and lists. It is important to use the board, so it helps you rather than hinders you.

Examples of Lists for your Newsletters Board

Notes and Ideas
Newsletter Themes
Newsletter – Month & Year
Offers for Newsletters
Blog Posts and Links to share in Newsletters

I find Trello is great to keep everything all together. I have ideas for newsletters which I can look at for inspiration, ones that I am working on now and ones that I have published all in one place. It also works well if you have a team or are collaborating with someone as you can add comments and labels to cards.

What do you use to plan your newsletters?

Use Trello to Manage your Newsletters
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