Working from home and staying motivated and productive is not always easy. There are so many distractions around which means you can lose focus. Everyone will have his or her own different distractions at home and keeping on track may be difficult.

Often, I will see posts in Facebook groups where people are getting distracted by doing other things at home taking them away from working on their business. Some also get friends and family dropping in all the time for a catch up as they think they are not that busy.

Working from home can be tough but it is important to set some boundaries and maintain the flexibility that working from home gives.

Here are some ways you can boost your productivity when working from home.

Create a routine

When working for an employer, your working day and week is structured with set working hours and breaks and tasks to complete.

Working from home will be a bit more flexible as you may have to work around school, have caring or other responsibilities. You can still set up a routine and have boundaries for when you are working on your business.

Set an alarm and get ready for work and the working day ahead. Have set hours that you are available to work on your business which may change slightly each day if you have other commitments.

If possible, have a dedicated working space where you can concentrate and work without interruption. At the end of your working day, you can turn off your computer and take your business hat off.

Take regular breaks

Something that I do notice more now, is that often I will be sitting at my desk fully focused on a task and not moving for a while. I do try to concentrate on taking regular breaks after completing a task. I get up and have a walk about and drink lots of water.

You may find it difficult to stick to setting a particular time to have a break especially if you are in the flow. You don’t really want to stop midway through a task as it can be harder to get back into the swing of things.

Instead of scheduling times to have a break, plan to have a break between tasks. This is a great time to stop to have a break. You can get up to stretch your legs, have a drink of water or cup of tea or get some fresh air. You will feel recharged and ready to tackle the next task on your to-do list.

It is important to create boundaries for yourself that will help you stay productive and motivated working from home.

I would love to know what tips you have to stay productive and motivated working from home.

Staying motivated and productive when working from home
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