Tools to help schedule social media posts

Tools that I use to help schedule social media posts

Social Media can take up so much of a business owner’s time. Let’s face it, when an individual decides to start their own business, dealing with admin, finances, social media, website, customer service and so on are not top of the list.

Having tools in place to help you with running a business can be a great time saver, leaving you with more time to do the things you love doing.

There are many websites, tools and apps that can help you with social media from creating memes, adding text and logos to your images to the actual scheduling of your posts.

Here are some of my favourite tools to help schedule social media posts with a brief overview.


My first tool is one of my favourite ones at the moment, Trello. Trello is a free task management app which you can use to create a board of social media posts, adding content links, images, labels and due dates. You can move things around, share boards with others, add comments to cards. Trello is great to organise all aspects of your life!

Facebook Scheduler

We all know that Facebook prefers posts to be scheduled directly in the Facebook rather than using a third-party tool. Go to your Facebook page and select Publishing Tools along the top menu. You can then create and schedule your posts as well as editing and changing the scheduling date. I find it easy to use and regularly look at my page insights to check the best times to schedule posts.


I have the free version of Buffer and it suits me fine for what I need it for which is for scheduling posts on Twitter. On the free version, you can set up one account on Twitter, connect to your Facebook page and group as well as posting on LinkedIn and Instagram.

There is a limit of scheduling 10 posts at a time on each network and you get notified by Buffer when the queue is empty. You can also set times and dates that you want posts to be scheduled and so all you need to do is create your post and select add to the queue


I also have a free account with Hootsuite and use this to schedule posts on Instagram and Twitter. With the free plan, you can connect to 3 social profiles and schedule 30 posts. This is also easy to use, and I like the fact that you can click on the calendar to see the posts you have scheduled which is particularly useful for Instagram.


This is my newest sign up. I have seen it mentioned a lot in Facebook groups for using with Instagram and so I thought I would check it out. It is great to use on Instagram especially if you have a theme or a particular layout on Instagram. You can use Planoly to upload the images to see how it looks as well as scheduling. I have only used it to upload images to see what they look like as I am happy with Hootsuite but it’s great to have another option.

So, if you are struggling with scheduling posts on social media, why not check out the free versions of these and see how you get on.

Tools to help schedule social media posts
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