This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

So, today’s blog challenge from Natalie Sisson is to spend some time to discover my superpowers and how they can help me create the lifestyle that I want.

I must admit I am not very good at talking about myself and so sitting down to think about this has been quite therapeutic.

So, what do I think I am good at… hmm!?


As a team leader and admin manager, I trained new members of staff. I enjoyed going through the process of showing people how to find their way around the systems. As a result, I created little guides for reference.

Although I did not have any training on teaching, for me it was more instinctive. I tried to make it easy to understand following the steps. When I am learning a new skill or tool to help me in my business, I like to see how the system works using an actual task as it makes more sense to me.


English was my favourite subject at school and I enjoyed writing essays and short stories. My family have always said that I am good with words and my mum has often said that I could have written a book.

I find this quite interesting as I have struggled a bit with my blog for two reasons:

  • First of all, thinking of what to write that would be relevant for readers.
  • The second is showing the “real me” as I am quite a private person and so writing about myself is quite difficult.

This is why I decided to bite the bullet and take on this 10-day blog challenge.

How do these superpowers help me?

I think both help me in my role as a Virtual Assistant. I have helped small business owners by showing them how to do something on Social Media or Word and as a result put together little guides to help them. This is something that I think I could work on and develop for my business.

This is a quick overview of what I think are my superpowers and this is something that I am going to review and probably write about in the future.

I won’t be sharing what my kryptonite is, though!

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Finding my Superpowers
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