This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Imagine you are taking a long holiday in Portugal or your dream destination. How will you balance work and adventure while away?

Being a Virtual Assistant and having location independence go together pretty well. As long as you have your laptop and secure wifi you could pretty much work anywhere. I have only worked from home, a business centre and client’s offices. Not living the dream just yet!

I am not a lover of flying and have not travelled abroad that much. So location independence and working abroad is not something that I have ever thought of. Having said that, the idea of spending a month in Portugal does sound pretty appealing.

This blog challenge has certainly got me thinking

My mornings would start with a lovely breakfast looking out at the gorgeous landscapes and enjoying the early morning sunshine.

Then I would catch up on my emails and organise the tasks for the day ensuring I have scheduled in time for a break to explore. I would also take the opportunity to have a quick check in on my accountability partner or business colleagues for progress on projects.

With work up to date, it’s time for a break. I would grab my bag and take a walk off the beaten track, taking in the sights and enjoying the tranquillity. The joys of being a Virtual Assistant and organising my workload to be able to take time out.

Lunch would be in a lovely restaurant in a bustling village sampling the delights of the local produce. A quick check up on emails and tasks on my iPad before strolling back to do some work.

With work finished for the day, a quick dip in the pool to cool down with a few lengths before enjoying some pre-dinner cocktails. Who doesn’t love a cheeky cocktail?

This is followed with a lovely dinner and then it’s off to the beach to watch the sun setting while taking the time to reflect on the day.

The perfect work-life balance.

What does location independence mean to you?

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