I am loving using Trello to help organise my tasks and workload. Like many Virtual Assistants, I have tried several different productivity tools. This is a good way to see what suits me and the way I work. I have tried Trello in the past but preferred Asana. Now, I have moved away from Asana back to Trello.

What is Trello?

Trello is a free project management tool consisting of boards, lists and cards to organise and manage practically everything! It is a great way of creating a to-do list which you can share with others, add checklists and comments and move to different lists and boards.

Once you have signed up to a free account in Trello, you are ready to get started.

Creating a board in Trello

You can create several different boards for different projects that you are working on.  After creating a board, you can add lists for the different stages of the project, for example, To-Do, In Progress and Done.

Creating Trello Boards

Cards and Lists

Now you can break it down even further by adding cards to the lists of the tasks that you need to do. You can include due dates, descriptions, checklists, attachments and comments so it is clear what needs to be done. Cards can be moved to different lists to indicate progress.

Trello List and cards

Weekly To-Do List

An example of a board you can create is a weekly to-do list with lists created for Monday to Friday. Add cards to the lists for tasks that need to be completed on a certain day that week. This is a good board that you could share with a Virtual Assistant as you could assign them certain tasks adding a due date.

weekly to do list Trello board

Trello can help you organise your business in so many ways. From helping with creating your own website, marketing, planning blogs to projects for your customers. I would suggest that you sign up for a free account, create a board for a project that you are working on and giving it a go.

Using Trello to organise your tasks
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