This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

Today’s video was pretty spot on in describing me – I am a perfectionist and I do procrastinate.

Today’s challenge is to select an imperfect action and take steps on achieving the action over the next 30 days.

This blog challenge has helped me to realise a different way of writing on my blog and as a result, I will work on making this more relevant to my business and clients. However for today’s challenge, I have decided to focus on another area to take action on.

Creating Newsletters

As well as having a blog, I was told you must have an email list and send out regular newsletters. It was so overwhelming when I first set up in business to be told you have to write a weekly blog and send out weekly newsletters.

What do I write about? How do I make it interesting? How do I do this every week!

It was enough to put me off before I had even started.

I had signed up to a number of Virtual Assistant newsletters when I first set up so I could learn more about the industry and they are really good.

It’s time to focus on beating my overwhelm while taking small steps working on creating newsletters.

My action
  • Schedule into my weekly routine time to brainstorm and work on content for my newsletters.
  • Create a library of content and ideas.
  • Create library of relevant social media posts.

As Natalie said “imperfect action is better than no action”

What action are you going to take today?

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Imperfect Action
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