How do you keep on top of your daily tasks? Here are some tips on how to tackle your to-do list and get things done.

Break projects down into smaller tasks

If you have a big project to start it can be overwhelming in knowing where to start. Start by breaking the project down into smaller tasks and focus on completing the project one task at a time. Be specific with the actual tasks in the project. Instead of write webinar, break it down into specific tasks such as write first five pages of a webinar. Another task can be proofread five pages, then create a handout.

Don’t put things off

Ok, I put my hands up and admit that often I do exactly that! It is easier said than done but by putting off completing a task just makes the day drag! Bite the bullet and deal with the dreaded task and have a brighter day. But, dealing with a couple of small easy tasks first thing can put you in the right mindset to action the dreaded task!

Write everything down

Once you are feeling more organised, get into the habit of creating your to-do list the night before. This way you are ready for action first thing in the morning knowing what tasks to tackle first. Often tasks will crop up that you had not planned for. Write them down on your list. Review the to-do list at the end of the day and see everything that you have completed.

Do what works for you

There are different task and project management systems available. Many have a free version or trial that you can try to see if it suits your way of working. It is worth doing a bit of research before choosing one. Many of the paid versions offer a free trial so you can see how the system works. It is worth noting that some free trials give you a limited version and to see the system working fully, you will need to upgrade. Others are free for a certain number of clients or projects which is great if you are just starting out and building up your client numbers.

Do you prefer online or notebook and pen? I have tried both and I think for me, I like writing things down in my notebook – mainly for my own tasks and notes. I do use online tools for projects that I am working on for clients and currently flit between Asana and Trello.

It is easy to start making a list either on a piece of paper or on your calendar of the things that you need to get done. But it is even easier to have an ever-growing list of tasks with nothing get ticked off.


Tackle your to-do list
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