A to-do list can be useful for organising every part of your busy life. Running your own business as well as juggling everyday tasks can make having a good work-life balance difficult at times.

When I worked in London, I would always have a notepad and pen with me as I would often think of something that I needed to do on the train journey home. It meant that I could make a note and then not worry about it.

Now that I run, my own business I find having a to-do list an important part of my day ensuring I keep on track with the tasks for my business but also for the tasks for clients.

Here are 6 time-saving tips to help you with your to-do list:
Set goals

Have a detailed to-do list ready for you each morning. Plan your day ahead either the day before or first thing in the morning, whatever suits you best. Make sure you write down every task that you want to accomplish that day. Take the time to work on your to-do list and soon it will become a habit rather than a chore. Creating your to-do list ready for the next day can help with having a more peaceful sleep.

Prioritise your tasks by importance

Once you have written out your tasks, have a look at what are the most important ones to complete that day. Highlight your tasks using Red, Amber and Green so you can see at a glance which ones are the most important. Tasks that are highlighted green can be left to later in the week or month. Having too many tasks on your to-do list can be overwhelming and counter-productive, so make it clear what tasks are important.

Break down larger tasks into smaller tasks

If you are working on a big project, break the project down into smaller more manageable tasks. Segmenting tasks into certain areas makes it easier to complete.

Set deadlines

Make a note of any deadlines that tasks are needed to be completed by. Anything that is urgent should be highlighted as red. Deadlines that are due the following week or later in the month can be highlighted green.

Notebook and pen or online?

There are people that rave about online apps and tools that help them not only with running their business but also their personal life too. Others wouldn’t be without a notepad and pen. There are many free tools and apps that you can try to find the best one for you. You can receive an email reminding you of tasks that are due that day which can be handy.

Tick those tasks off

Don’t forget to tick off a task when you complete it. Whether it is online or in a notepad, there is a great satisfaction in ticking a task to show it’s done. Have you ever added an additional task that you have done but had not put on the list? I have… well, why not!?

Do you have a great tip for creating and keeping on top of your to-do list?

If you are struggling to keep on top of tasks on your to-do list, then think about what you could outsource. Make better use of your time by focusing on the important, money creating tasks.

Hate accounts and book-keeping? Then consider a freelance accountant.
Unable to get creative with your marketing materials? Think about working with a graphic designer.
Struggling with time to complete your admin and social media tasks? A virtual assistant could help.

To-do list tips
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