Setting up as a Virtual Assistant

I often get contacted via my website or Social Media accounts asking how I become a Virtual Assistant and what tips and advice I would give on setting up as a Virtual Assistant.

It’s lovely to be asked and having been in that position when I first was setting up, I always ensure that I acknowledge and answer the questions providing information that I  have found useful and hope that it helps them too.

Here are my tips for setting up as a Virtual Assistant:

Do your Research

Take the time to research and understand the Virtual Assistant industry discovering as much as you can about what it entails to become a good and successful Virtual Assistant.

A few of the websites that I refer to are The Techie Mentor, The VA Handbook and Society of Virtual Assistants. The Techie Mentor website has a number of free webinars and I have also signed up for a few Bootcamps which have been very helpful. There are other websites that I have also bookmarked and refer to.

Join online forums and groups

There are many Virtual Assistant groups on Social Media that you can join. I have found these groups to be a great support network with so much knowledge and experience to share.

VAs are a lovely and friendly bunch of business owners!


The topic of having an accountability partner has cropped up quite a lot in group discussions on Facebook recently. I think if I had one at the start of my journey, it would have helped me a great deal.

Find a business buddy who can become your accountability partner and provide you with support and keep you on track.


There is lot of training courses now available that are aimed towards becoming a Virtual Assistant and I would suggest that you do your due diligence for any paid membership or training courses that you sign up for.

Rather than just offering a wide range of services, focus on the tasks and skills that you currently have and enjoy and start to offer these as as service. You can always train and learn new skills when you have more time, confidence and money.

Take action

It’s all very well doing research but don’t forget to take action, I was guilty of this and it can be scary but it will be worth it.

Set yourself goals and take steps towards moving forward in setting up your Virtual Assistant business. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small they are. I found it quite motivational to tick off tasks from my action list.

Let people know

Once you have made the decision to set up in business, start telling everyone that you know about your new business and what you can do to help them. I have heard some Virtual Assistants have told their old bosses of their new business and have been successful in gaining them as a client.


Find out about local networking events and go along. If you are like me and find networking quite nerve wracking, take the time to write down and  practice your elevator pitch a few times before you go.

Connect with business owners that attend and start interacting with them on Social Media. This is a good way to build a rapport with them online which will make meeting them at a future event a lot easier!

Once you have done your research and feel ready for the next step….

Go for it!

Setting up as a Virtual Assistant
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