How to save articles on Facebook

I love being able to save articles on Facebook to read at a later time when it is more convenient for me.

I was recently chatting to a friend of mine who is also a business owner about Facebook. She finds Facebook quite time consuming to find articles for her page. I mentioned how much easier it is to save and read articles on Facebook.

She was not aware that you could do this and so I put together a little guide to show her how to do it.

How to save an article on Facebook

Here’s how to save an article in Facebook to read later when you have more time.

  • Click on the grey arrow on the right hand corner

Save Articles on Facebook














  • And select Save Post

You can find the article saved in your Favourites in a folder titled Saved.

You can then read the article at your leisure and then share, archive or delete the article.

If you want to remove the article when you have read it;

  • Click on the X on the right hand corner. This will archive the article.

You can also delete articles permanently by;

  • Selecting the Archive tab and clicking on the 3 dots next to the Share tab.

Happy saving!

How To Save Articles on Facebook
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