Review of 2015

Wow, we are nearly at the end of another year and 2015 has flown by!

I thought now would be an opportune moment to reflect on how 2015 has treated me.

Technical Issues

I started the New Year ready to provide holiday admin support for a client, so it was not a good time to have problems with my emails and website. I also got a pretty poor service from the company who dealt with this for me. Luckily I was able to provide full support to my clients and they were not affected by my issues.

This was the prompt I needed to decide to learn WordPress and create my own website where I had full control and did not have to rely on someone else. I also decided it was time to move my emails and was recommended Google Apps for Business which I have to say, has been brilliant and I have not had any problems at all.

I do enjoy learning new skills and finding out about new technology and apps.

Creating my Website

Tasks - V10

Once I had made the decision to create my own website, I signed up with one of The Techie Mentor’s WordPress Bootcamps. It was a good course although it was more aimed at providing websites as a service rather than creating a website from scratch.

Nevertheless, I realised that I had a little knowledge and understanding of WordPress which was surprising to say the least! Plus I had notes from the Bootcamp which would allow me to look at providing WordPress as a service in the future if I want to.

I had worked with web designer who did not use WordPress but was able to help me with creating a sandbox so that I could have a play. This was great fun! I spent some time working on themes, layouts, content and images and seemed to change my mind every couple of weeks.

Moving domains and hosting was easy enough and I received great customer service from both companies. I would definitely recommend them and one of my plans for 2016 is to create a Resources page on this website of the business apps and websites that I use and refer to.

Note: if you are outsourcing your website to a web designer or VA make sure that you are the owner of your domain and hosting and do not agree to transfer it over as it could cause problems if the working relationship breaks down.

I was so happy to launch my new website at the beginning of July. I have also received positive feedback and comments. 

Training and Learning New Skills

Still trying to get my head around Google Analytics, SEO and Keywords, though. This is definitely something that I hope to understand a bit more next year!

I have also enjoyed learning more about digital marketing and newsletters. I have created my own newsletters using Mailchimp as well as creating a printable as a thank you for signing up.

It is important to try different things and keep learning.  For example, I have tried a few task management tools and am finally with one that I am happy with (for the time being!). I like checking out the tools and apps that Virtual Assistants recommend and also suggesting them to others.

Clients and Work

I have worked with some great clients completing a variety of admin and social media tasks. One area that I enjoy is creating Word documents and forms and is something that I have done for many of my clients this year; from creating a variety of forms, documents and templates in addition to formatting and updating existing documents.

Another is social media and newsletters and is something that I would like to focus on next year developing my technical skills, knowledge and ability.

I am also looking at creating packages for clients planning what I can offer that will be of benefit.

Being a Virtual Assistant is an interesting business, dependent on the clients you support and the work you complete can mean there will be times when you are really busy and other times when it is extremely quiet.

Take the quiet times to review your business and services.  I have taken the opportunity to:

  • Look at what tasks I have enjoyed doing
  • What tasks I have not enjoyed doing
  • What I will be interested in trying and learning in the future
Virtual Assistants

There a number of Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups and I have made some great connections and learnt a lot. I would recommend joining a few as there is so much support and information available.

I was happy to be contacted by The VA Handbook and my VA Story is featured on the website. You can check it out here.

Plans for 2016

I have ended the year joining the Female Entrepreneur Association and have already connected with some great new friends. There are some awesome businesses all around the world. The welcome and support has been amazing and I look forward to being part of this amazing group.

I am looking forward to a busy and productive 2016. Starting with providing holiday cover and admin support to a client for 3 weeks of January!

There are many things that I want to look at in 2016:

  • Working on packages
  • Adding to my website
  • Developing my technical skills
  • Looking at my niche and clients I would like to work with

I am excited to see how my VA journey evolves and where 2016 takes me.

Merry Christmas. Review of 2015


Review of 2015
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