video challenge week 3

Well here I am at the end of Week 3 of the free Ignite 30 Day Video Challenge

Wow!15 videos have now been recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook group – I am on a roll. video-challenge-week-3

This week, the focus was a bit more about talking about our business and customers, using a prop and talking about what we have learned about ourselves doing the challenge.

I have enjoyed the prompts this week and some videos have been easier to record than others. The videos only need to be about 2 minutes long but I have not got close to that! I have sometimes struggled on what to say and get tongue tied!

Just be yourself

I have also worried a bit about what others will think about what I am saying but, to be honest, there is nothing to worry about. Everyone is so kind and supportive and I know it is just me being hard on myself. We are all like that sometimes, aren’t we?

I loved using a prop for one of the videos this week and I got great feedback from the circle. The story I told them was of winning a prize from HootSuite on Twitter. The prize was a duffel bag full of soft owl toys, they are so cute.

It is so interesting to watch everyone’s video and to listen to their stories. I am enjoying watching their confidence grow each day and how more relaxed they are becoming on video.

Do you want to join me and the rest of the Lighthouse Circle and tell us your stories? There’s still time to join the challenge – you can register here.

I am really enjoying the challenge. I am also loving my circle in the Facebook Group; everyone is so kind, encouraging and supportive.

I will let you know how I get on with the challenges for Week 4!

Ignite Video Challenge: Week 3
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