video challenge week 2

Well here I am at the end of Week 2 of the free Ignite 30 Day Video Challenge

I have managed to record 10 videos which I can’t quite believe.  It is quite an achievement and I am so proud ofvideo-challenge-week-2 myself!

The aim of the challenge is to help us become more comfortable being on camera and it’s working! I have looked forward to receiving the email and watching the video with the tip and prompt of the day.

First take nerves

Niamh suggests going with the first take and I have managed to do that for all the videos so far. Well, apart from the first video when I didn’t click on the screen on the right place and it didn’t save! I think I was so nervous and totally forget where to click. I have to say doing it again was good practice although I do want to try and stick with my first take (if I can!)

The prompts for each day this week have been a little different after easing us in for the first week and some topics have been easier to talk about than others. I guess it is a good way to practice and build the confidence.

I did mention that I was doing a video challenge to a business colleague who asked where they could see my videos. Gulp! I am not ready yet to do a video that can be seen in public just yet.

Do you want to join me and the rest of the Lighthouse Circle? There’s still time to join the challenge – you can register here.

I am really enjoying the challenge and loving my circle in the Facebook Group, everyone is so kind, encouraging and supportive. It is amazing that I feel connected with people in Canada, America and Europe just with the power of video.

I will let you know how I get on with the challenges for Week 3!

Ignite Video Challenge: Week 2
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