Whoo Hoo! I have completed the 30-day Ignite Video challenge. I cannot believe that I have managed to record 22 videos, I am so happy and relieved.

As mentioned previously, I don’t like having my photo taken let alone talking on camera. I have signed up to video challenges before but have not even tried to record anything.


This challenge was so different, I felt that I really connected with Niamh Arthur in her videos. I guess, proving how videos help with connecting people no matter where they are in the world.

Connecting with others

I loved being part of the Lighthouse circle in the Facebook group and have made some great connections. The support from Niamh, the circle leaders and everyone who took part in the challenge was amazing. It certainly helped me and the feedback was lovely and made me want to come back and do more.

An incentive for completing the challenge was the chance to join the after challenge party/workshop. It was nice to see everyone else on screen who had completed the challenge.

The next video challenge is planned for March next year and I will most definitely be signing up to do again. It would be nice to be in the same circle but I guess it would be good to make new connections. If you are feeling up for a challenge and wanting to learn more about videos and how it can help you in your business, I would definitely recommend you sign up too!

I had mentioned in my last video to my circle that I intended to write a blog post and record a little video to say hi and publish it so here it is…

One of the prompts in the challenge was how we plan to use videos in our business, it has got me thinking.

Videos are a great way to connect with your audience and I would like to do more videos. I think if I stop doing the videos, I will lose my nerve! I would like to do more How to videos and so need to start planning.

I’ll see you in my next video 😉

Ignite Video Challenge: Completed
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