LinkedIn is a social networking site for professional business people to connect with business colleagues and customers.

To set up your LinkedIn profile:LinkedIn

Go to and complete your details in the sign up box

Click Join Now and then go to your email to confirm your account.

You are now able to complete your LinkedIn profile and connect with other LinkedIn users.

You can now update your profile:
  • Add a professional looking photo.
  • The Headline is one of the first things that people will see on your profile so ensure it is brief but informative and more than just your job title.
  • The Summary section is the area to highlight your experience and what you do.
  • The Experience section is your online CV and where you list your work history and current role.
  • The Additional Information section is where you can add your website and social media links
  • Request recommendations from business colleagues and customers and also provide recommendations.
You can also customise your URL making it easier to share by going to:
  • Settings
  • Edit your public profile
  • Click on link
  • Type in new URL
  • Set URL
Connecting with others 

You can find people to connect with using your email accounts or by searching for them by name.

There is a standard email that is issued when you send a connection request but it is advisable to personalise. It is also possible to ask a connection for an introduction.

Another way to find connections is by joining groups of interest and interact with other like-minded professionals as well as groups where your niche customers are.

If you need help with setting up your LinkedIn personal or business page, then get in touch.

We would love to hear from you.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile
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