Have you checked your LinkedIn company page URL recently?

I don’t use LinkedIn as much as I should and logging in recently, I noticed that my company page had a new layout. It also appeared that my business URL had changed.

It was now showing as

This looks odd and not very professional if wanting to share.

I wanted to change my own company page URL and pass this information on as well. It is not as straightforward to amend as it is with your personal profile. I couldn’t find how to do it in settings.

I ended up going to the help section on LinkedIn and asking the question how to change my LinkedIn Company Page URL and was directed to a form to complete: the link is

The form is pretty simple to complete and your name and email address will be filled in as you are logged into your LinkedIn account.

How to change your LinkedIn company page first half of form


How to change your LinkedIn company page URL bottom form


I received an acknowledgement quite quickly although it may take a couple of days.

My new company page LinkedIn URL is now

Check your LinkedIn URL’s and update them if needed.

Do you have a LinkedIn company page as well as your personal profile?


How to change your LinkedIn Company Page URL
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