If you can dream itWhen I decided to set up my business, I spent a LOT of time researching all aspects of setting up a business. Yes, I probably spent too long in facing my fears!

I did not know much about Virtual Assistants. In fact, many of my jobs in the first year were onsite with the clients. I started to do some more research into the Virtual Assistants industry. I wanted to know what they did and how they worked and found it quite interesting.

So many questions

It did take a while to get my head around working virtually and not on site with a customer. How was it even possible? How did it work? It was strange to think that you could work virtually. I was so used to working in busy offices dealing with colleagues face to face.

It was hard to get the confidence to say I was a Virtual Assistant. I had so many thoughts swirling around my head. I joined a few Virtual Assistant groups on Facebook and Forums. It was nice to virtually meet a lot of Virtual Assistants who were so helpful and supportive.

Scary times

This did put my mind at ease especially as my first meeting with a fellow UK Virtual Assistant was not great. I am quite introverted and find networking difficult, so when I met someone who was a Virtual Assistant here in the UK, I thought it would be great to meet up over coffee and just find out a bit more about their journey. Unfortunately, instead of giving any words of support or encouragement for the start of my Virtual Assistant journey, she was pretty dismissive and unhelpful. I don’t know if she saw me as competition or a threat (which was so not the case!) but it did knock my confidence both with the belief I could do the job and with networking in general.

Thankfully this appears to be a one-off and all the other Virtual Assistants from the UK and beyond I have met virtually have been lovely, supportive and extremely helpful to each other.

I have been contacted many times by people wanting to become a Virtual Assistant and asking for advice. It has been nice to provide some information and support. Knowing that I have been in their shoes, I would never want to be negative or unhelpful. I strongly believe in the saying “Treat people how you would like to be treated”.

Whatever journey you are on and struggles you may be having, keep going. Running a business or learning a new skill can be challenging. I think we all experience self-doubt but it is important to remember how good it feels when things go well; clients are happy,  you have notched up another achievement and you are happy.

You can do it!
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