Are you spending the time between Christmas and New Year relaxing or are you planning for 2018?

I am taking a break from the office. I have kept an eye on social media just to make sure all is ticking along nicely.

One thing I wanted to do before the New Year is to spend some time with my Awesome Marketing Planner. The planner is created by Claire Mitchell from The Girls Mean Business.

I bought the planner in 2017 and thought it was great. I loved the size (A5), the layout and how bright and colourful it was.

It was all systems go when Claire launched the 2018 planner and I was one of the first batch of 500 to pre-order and receive the planner.

What you get

When you buy the planner, you also receive an A2 wall planner, get access to the online portal, be part of the fabulous and supportive Facebook group and receive weekly emails. There is also a downloadable option available if you prefer.


The online portal is fab. There are a number of videos to watch on different topics such as Super Customers, Blogging, Marketing, Sales and Goals. There are worksheets that support the video as well as a quiz to complete. When you have watched the bundle and completed all the sections, you get allocated an awesome point. You can collect awesome points and redeem them against items in the online shop which has got some great goodies in.

Facebook Group

The Facebook group is full of diverse businesses and characters and everyone is so nice. It is great to be in a group that is kind, supportive and encouraging without any negativity or arguments.

Weekly Newsletters

You also receive weekly newsletters from The Girls Mean Business. I do enjoy reading Claire’s weekly bum kick emails and they are full of useful information.

Out with the old and in with the new


Time for some planning and getting organised for the New Year. I am going through my 2017 marketing planner and reviewing my notes I am looking forward to 1 January when the portal is live.

If you are interested in receiving your own Awesome Marketing Planner to help your business then click here to find out more.

Please note this is an affiliate link and I may receive a small fee if you purchase the planner using my link.


Planning for 2018
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