EmailsIt is easy to get inundated with emails in your inbox.

There are a couple of ways of processing your inbox to make it more manageable:


You can set up a rule so that emails from a particular person arrive in your inbox in a different colour. I colour code my clients so it is easy to see.


You can create folders for clients, personal, shopping, finance, marketing etc. You can set up rules so that the email go directly to the right folder instead of your inbox.

Set a time to check emails

It can be distracting to have notifications switched on so that every time you receive a message, you hear a beep. This can be difficult when you are focusing on a project. Turn off notifications and set aside a couple of times during the day when you go into your inbox to check, action and respond to emails.


I went through a stage of signing up to a number of newsletters as I did not want to miss out. But when it came to actually opening and reading the newsletters, I find it quite overwhelming to have so many in my inbox.

Many were just focused on selling me their products and I was getting email after email with a countdown on how long I had to sign up or miss out FOREVER. So I unsubscribed and had a lot less noise in my inbox…. so much better!

I still do go through stages of signing up to newsletters but I am a lot more focused on the reasons why I sign up and ensure that it benefits me. Some I have signed up seem to send so very few newsletters, I don’t even know if I am still receiving them.

Email Management
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