I am really pleased to have completed a 6 week WordPress Builder Bootcamp run by Susan Mershon wordpress-builder-bootcamp-certificate-techie-mentorof The Techie Mentor. It was really interesting and I have learnt a bit more about WordPress which is great. I always thought that creating a website would be really difficult but I am keen to give it a go!

New Skills

I am looking forward to working on a draft website in a sandbox. It will be great to put into practice the things I have learnt. Luckily I will be able to refer back to my notes and the presentations.

It has certainly given me a few ideas on recreating my website as a WordPress website. I would love to be able to update my website and have it the way I want it.

It will also be an option to look at creating a website package in the future but it depends on how I get on with my own website!

If you are looking to learn some new techy skills, then do check out The Techie Mentor.

Completed WordPress Builder Bootcamp
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