To-do list

A To-do list is a great way to organise and prioritise your tasks and list

It can also help relieve stress as you won’t need to remember everything once you have written it down or added to a time management system.

Think about all the little tasks that you complete throughout the day. When they are all added together, they will take up a big part of your day and week.

What tasks can you outsource so you can make better use of your day?

Take time out to make a list of the tasks that you need to do for the day or week. Once they are written down you can prioritise them and if possible delegate.

Task management tips
  • Focus on the most important tasks and complete them first.
  • Give each task a deadline
  • Put them into your calendar or task management system
  • Break the tasks down into smaller tasks
  • Review your progress and adjust task or deadline

It is such a great feeling when you have completed a task and you can cross it off your list!

Time Management – To-do list
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