Saving a Word document as a PDF

I don’t think twice when saving a Word document as a PDF file as it is often part of my daily admin tasks either for my clients or for my business. However, not everyone is that familiar on how to do this and in fact, I recently became aware that a couple of my clients did not know how to do this. I decided to put together the details to help them.

Why send as a PDF file?

Sending documents in business as a PDF file is an easy way to share information and still be in control of them. If you send quotes, invoices or any other information that you do not want to be amended or changed, then sending as a PDF file is better than sending as a Word or Excel document.

Save as a PDF file

When you have created your Word or Excel document and are happy with the content; save it as you normally would.

Then, select File Save as, click on the dropdown arrow and select PDF.

Save as a PDF










This will mean that you have the document saved as a Word or Excel document as well as a PDF document.

When you send the attachment in an email, remember to select the PDF file rather than the Word or Excel document.

How to Save a Word Document as a PDF
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