PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is a visual aid that a speaker uses to help with their presentation.

Here are some tips to consider when creating a PowerPoint presentation:
  • Keep sentences short on the slide.
  • Having too much text on a slide will mean the audience are trying to read what is on screen rather than listen to the presenter.
  • Use bullet points to summarise a key point or part of the presentation.
  • Use large text to ensure that the audience at the back of the room can see what is on the slides (minimum 26 font size).
  • Check your spelling and grammar. There’s nothing worse than having errors on the big screen.
  • Use bright and clear colours that can be seen by the audience at the back of the room.
  • Keep the number of slides to the minimum to keep the audience interested.
  • Use graphics to illustrate key points and to break up the text.


PowerPoint Presentation Tips
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