How do you manage your daily tasks?Daily Tasks - To do list

There are many ways to keep a list of your tasks from recording on a piece of paper or calendar through to using a task management system. All are useful if you have multiple clients or multiple projects on the go.

There are free and paid task management systems available and it is worth doing a bit of research before choosing one.

Many of the paid versions offer a free trial so you can see how the system works. It is worth noting that some free trials give you a limited version. If you want to see the system working fully, you will need to upgrade. Others are free for a certain number of clients or projects which is a great if you are just starting out and building up your client numbers.

I spent a bit of time researching task management systems; looking at the different systems and checking out on social media what fellow VAs use and it is fair to say that there was such a variety of answers which really shows it is down to personal preference.

I am currently using Trello for recording tasks and projects. There are other task management systems that have been recommended by VAs, and I have recently signed up for free trials with Asana, Teamwork and Todoist. I  am planning to give them a try as it is always good to be aware of different programmes – I like the look of both!

I also write down tasks in my notepad and review them regularly. You can’t beat using a notepad and pen and the feeling of satisfaction when crossing off a completed task!

What task management and time management systems do you use?

Task Management Tips
  • Create your To Do list the night before so you are ready for action first thing
  • Turn off distractions. Schedule in time to check your email and voicemail when you have completed a task
  • Automate. Spend some time scheduling social media posts but remember that you will need to check in regularly to interact!
  • Keep client information, projects and tasks all together

What task management tips do you have that work for you?


Managing Daily Tasks
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