Recently, a Virtual Assistant posted in a Facebook group disappointed that her website had been copied for the second time. The group were quite annoyed and disappointed to hear this had occurred again.originality

I wouldn’t dream of copying someone else’s content, whether it is their website or posts on their social media accounts. Unfortunately it appears to be happening a lot.

It can be hard to be creative all of the time and a writer’s or creative block can hit at any time.

So, looking at other sites for ideas is all part of the research and can help inspire and get your mojo back.

When you look at a number of Virtual Assistant websites and social media, you do see similar wording relating to “saving time”,  or “outsourcing or delegating your admin tasks”. There are also links shared relating to productivity, time management and business articles all for the benefit of their followers and clients.


I am aware that content I have created for my Facebook page has appeared on another local Virtual Assistant page. The content has been saved and uploaded as a new post rather than being shared from my page. That is not cool!

I experienced a number of emotions including annoyance and disappointment. I am spending a lot of time creating content for my website and social media content.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not precious enough to think that the content is mine and cannot be copied. But it does concern me that if someone did look at both pages, there would be a lot of similarities.

Claire Mitchell from The Girls Mean Business posted a blog 5 Things you Should Never Post on your Business Facebook Page. Item number 2 is all about ethical sharing on social media and giving credit where credit is due.

I am now waiting for the launch of their website. You do expect to see similar content on Virtual Assistant websites because of the industry. I will also be keeping an eye on their social media and hope things change, only time will tell…

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker which you can use to see if your website has been copied.

Is imitation flattering in business?
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