I was recently talking to a friend about scheduling posts on their Facebook business page. They did not know how to do this, so here is my guide to show how to schedule your Facebook posts.

When you are busy working, it is easy to get distracted with Social Media and lose track of time. Facebook scheduling will enable you to log-in and schedule posts at a time that suits you.

How to Schedule a Post

Type in the status or add picture or video as you would normally do.

Instead of clicking on Post, click on the arrows to the left hand side of Post



This will bring up a box where you can select Schedule Post, Backdate Post or save Post as a draft.


Selecting Schedule Post will bring up a box where you can select date and time that you want the post to go out.


Click schedule and a pop up box will appear asking if you want to check your activity log.

Review, edit and reschedule posts using the the activity log.

If you spend a bit of time planning some scheduled posts for a week, it can be easier to upload and schedule in one go which means that you will have more time to post other updates and interact in conversations.

Why don’t you give it a try and see how you get on? 



How to Schedule your Facebook Posts
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