I had not really considered using Instagram for my business. As a Virtual Assistant, I don’t make or create things and thought I wouldn’t really have anything interesting to post.

Having said that, I decided to set up an account at the end of last year and whilst I don’t think it will be the main social media account for me, I do quite enjoy it. I can also easily switch between my personal and business accounts making it a lot simpler!

Setting up an Instagram account

If you are thinking about setting up an Instagram account, it is straightforward and I have listed the steps below:

  • Download the Instagram app on your phone. There are apps for iPhones, Androids and Windows phones.
  • Click sign up and enter your email address. You can also sign up using Facebook if you prefer.
  • Update your Bio.
  • Click on Settings (3 dots on the top right of screen) and halfway down you can select Switch to Business Profile.

Now you are ready to start posting and finding accounts to follow.

Top TipsWillow Admin Instagram

You can connect your Instagram business account to your business Facebook page and Twitter account. In Settings, select Linked Accounts and choose the account you want to link.

You can use an app such as Buffer to schedule your posts on Instagram but it is worth noting that you do still need to manually push the button to post. There are other apps available such as Schedugram but I have not tried that one yet.

I have noticed that a lot of people are posting their hashtags in the comments with only one or two in the main post. I think it looks a lot neater and less spammy.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you can use a lot more hashtags in your posts (up to 30) and it is not frowned upon.

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Setting up a Business Instagram Account
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